Büyükelçinin Mesajı

Distinguished Citizens,

Dear Afghan Brothers and Sisters,

I have officially assumed my duty upon the presentation of my credential to H.E. Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, on 12 December 2017. I am honored to serve in Afghanistan where we share a deep-rooted history and enjoy brotherly bonds.

There are many reasons behind the special and privileged nature of the relations between our two countries. Among those, the following are the first ones that come to mind: Ankara Government signed its first political agreement with Afghanistan on 1 March 1921, even before the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey; Afghanistan is the first country to recognize the Ankara Government in July 1921; and Turkey is the first country to open a diplomatic mission in Kabul.

Republic of Turkey has been carrying out its most extensive development assistance program it its history in Afghanistan. We will continue our support for Afghanistan, as long as our Afghan brothers would like us to do so. Our bilateral relations are an inheritance to us from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. During my tenure, I will do my best to further deepen and diversify our relations and elevate them to a strategic level.

Furthermore, we will continue our contributions to Afghanistan through regional processes and mechanisms, while taking into account the importance of regional consensus and cooperation for Afghanistan’s security and stability.

In pursuit of these efforts in various tracks, I will demonstrate utmost attention and care for maintaining close, transparent and inclusive interactions with our Afghan brothers and sisters, Afghan institutions and authorities, as well as our citizens and businesspersons in Afghanistan.

With these sentiments in mind, I would like to thank you in advance for your contributions that aim to reinforce the Turkish – Afghan friendship and brotherhood.

Oğuzhan Ertuğrul


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2/15/2020 Former Socialist Russian troops defeat and exit day from Afghanistan
3/21/2020 New Solar Year (Naw Roz) and Farmer’s Day
4/28/2020 Celebration of Islamic Revolution in Afghanistan
5/24/2020 5/26/2020 Eid-ul Fitr
7/31/2020 8/3/2020 Eid al-Adha
8/19/2020 The Independence Day of Afghanistan
8/29/2020 Tenth of Moharam, Ashora
9/8/2020 Martyrs and Ahmad Shah Masoud Day
10/29/2020 Republic Day (Turkish National Day)
11/10/2020 Prophet Mohammad's Birthday